Electromagnetism for Engineers
December 15, 2017
December 15, 2017


Research Paper Guidelines

Your paper may include the following sections:

? Cover page (1 page)
The cover page should include the title of your paper, your name, the semester, the date, the course title, and my name (Professor Petkov)

? Introduction (1 page)
Introduce the research topic and its significance. Why is this topic important? Introduce your thesis and how you will support it.

? Theoretical Underpinnings (1 page)
What theoretical assumptions are you using in your research? What are the main concepts of your framework? Why is this framework best for understanding your political development topic?

? Literature Review (1-2 pages)
Review the research that already exists on this topic. How does the research in the field speak to/respond to each other? Are there weaknesses or critiques that you find particularly salient? Are there strengths with which you agree?

? [Case Analysis ? to be titled based on your topic] (1-2 pages)
In this section, you are using the literature you have reviewed to support the thesis you have put forth in your introduction. How does the research support the argument that you are trying to make? How do you address research that takes a different position from your approach? In this section, it would be helpful to focus on a particular case to make your point.

? Conclusion (1 pages)
Summarize your argument. How have you supported your thesis?

? References
Please be aware of what is a credible, academic source (see below). Your sources should be well-documented, using a recognized citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc). You are not only not limited to using the readings on the syllabus for your paper, but you should also be searching for outside sources for your paper.


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