Profitability 1
December 15, 2017
December 15, 2017

Throughout this course, many discussion opportunities come up where you need to respond to other people’s opinions and comments. After you have completed your reading, respond to your Discussion topic in the Discussion Board. Then read the responses of your fellow students and comment on their postings.
For companies whose operations span the globe, BPM can be a strong tool in implementing change or establishing standards across all operations. These efforts are very challenging, however, since the scale is so large and the project is so difficult to coordinate.
For this Discussion, research and summarize an article about a global company executing a BPM project either successfully or unsuccessfully. Include the following elements:
Summarize the situation and the company.
What were the motivations for the effort? How did the company expect the BPM project to help with their global competitiveness?
What were some challenges they faced in this project?
Were they successful? If they did well, what were the critical success factors they were able to implement? If they failed, what were the risks they failed to mitigate?
BPM Outcomes
You will end the Discussions with self-reflection. Take a moment to look back and examine what you have learned. Then look ahead to your plans for using the knowledge you gained. Answer the following questions:
If you had to explain to your boss or to a prospective employer what you have learned about business process management in this course and how you can help them going forward, and you were limited to 200 words (give or take), what would you say?
Now that you have gained this knowledge about BPM, do you have any plans in your professional development or learning plans to build on it?


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