overview of what was done in class which is -students were briefed on the nature of the study- 1st given        demographic and sleep data
October 9, 2021
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October 9, 2021

Please answer to the following 50 questions. Thank you!Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3Attachment 4Attachment 5Attachment 6Attachment 7Attachment 81 . Confusion , decreased alertness , poor coordination , blurred vision , and drowsiness are results ofO a . the stimulant effects of alcohol .Jb . the depressant effects of alcoholc . the stimulant effects of nicotine .Od . the depressant effects of nicotine*2 . The attitudes of peers , family , and the mediaO a. have little effect on underage drinking .Jb . have little effect on smoking by teens .O c. strongly influence underage drinking*Od . strongly influence smoking by teens3. Teens who use alcohol increase their risk ofO a. addiction .*Ob . increased heart rate and high blood pressure .c. various forms of cancer .*Od . being injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash .4 . When using refusal skills to say no in a way that tells others you mean it , you shouldO a. give a reason for your refusal .Ob. speak in a low , soft voice .J. C. avoid direct eye contact .*Od . keep repeating your refusal ."5 . Negative effects on the body caused by alcohol intoxication include*O a. brain activity speeds up .Ob . kidneys decrease urine production .O c. core body temperature increases .Od . too much alcohol may cause vomiting .6 . The rate of alcohol consumption , the gender and size of the drinker , and how much food is in the stomachO a. determine whether one will have a hangover .*Ob . influence chances of blacking out ."O c. affect blood alcohol concentration .J d . have little effect on intoxication ."
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