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March 24, 2020
March 24, 2020

You are an expert in biodefense, bioterrorism, and biosecurity. On Monday, your leadership asks you to provide a briefing to the National Security Staff to inform a decision on future investments in U.S. biodefense capabilities. Remember, since it is designed to support a major decision, you will need to consider requirements, gaps, alternative investment choices, and a recommendation.


1.      FORMAT

·        Include a cover slide, a “bottom line up front” (BLUF) slide and overview of the presentation.

2.      CONTENT The information presented should include the following:

·        BLUF and Overview are clear and representative of the information in the briefing

·        Identification of 3 KEY biodefense requirements. Take a stand on what you believe are key requirements – and defend it with relevant facts. This should not be general (e.g., “we need response capabilities”), but should be fairly specific (“we need rapid diagnostics to identify actually exposed populations from the worried well”)

·        Overview and Assessment of current U.S. biodefense capabilities and policies – especially any particular regulations or laws that pertain to your key biodefense requirements

·        Assessment of how current capabilities and policies do/do not meet your key biodefense requirements

·        Discussion of options on ways to better meet your 3 key requirements. This should include 3-5 options, including a brief description of each and what relevant stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities would be. (Who needs to be funded to do what?)

Recommendation for decision makers, including a rationale for why this recommendation is being made



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