Module 6: Discussion 1: Compare & Contrast Essay and Thesis Statement
December 15, 2017
Discussion Board
December 15, 2017

Assignment 2 – Journal (10%) – Document interesting Tools to use with your group

This assignment involves reading 2 small books:
Book 1 – An Introduction to Business Systems Analysis, Problem Solving Techniques and Strategies, Dr. Eugene O’Loughlin
Book 2 – (Under Reference Materials) the electronic book called Business Analysis for Practitioners Practice Guide (PMI)
(Both these books may be used as reference materials to outline key methods for developing your client study project with your group.  )
With this project you will create a journal of interesting tools and techniques you learn from the books that could be used during your analysis with your client.  You will use this journal to jot down the tools and techniques you learn and how you might apply them with your real client.
This should be done weekly as a learning journal so that your skills progress over the length of the course.  This journal can be submitted in any format that you are comfortable with.  That said it should be clear, neat and useful and easy to follow!


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