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February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

The paper will be a standard research paper with an introduction, methods section, results/discussion,
I have a sample paper, please according to the format.
Appropriate citations/background
Research Question(s)
Thesis that answers the RQ
Data Collection explain the overall process & point to an appendix with your interview guide
Data Analysis HOW you read the transcripts/recordings to arrive at your main findings
Results (the heart of your paper):
Supported by evidence (presented as excerpts) from the Focus group themselves
Compared to other research *use some of your citations here!
Summarizes the main question of the paper & the answers (findings)
Implications (why is this important to study) for Communication & Asian American culture (this is the heart of
the discussion section)
(This paper is about an one hour focus group with 1 Chinese American, 1 Vietnamese American, and 1 half
White/half Chinese.)

What are the challenges and difficulties for Asian Gay Men Are their cultural identity(being
asian american) affect their experience as part of the LGBTQ community
How do queer APA interact (can talk about the divide)

Themes found in focus group: (from interviewee, please use the themes/quotes and prove them
with evidence, feel free to change some if it s better)
Disconnection: He was acting like a completely different person at home. I still don t feel
comfortable reconnecting with them, because I ve been so independent for so long, and I haven t
needed them. I am doing my own thing, so I think a part of my life lessons is learning how to
accept them for who they are, and realizing they might always come around. (Not easy to
communicate with parents due to their lack of education) My dad only had a middle school
education, my mom only had a elementary school education. I come to accept that this is their
upbringing, and they didn t really have exposure to homosexuality. (Parent s perspective) They
don t know, they can t see beyond the emotion aspect, they see it as a physical thing, and that is
really repulsive to them.
Pressure: (Producing next generation: having son mainly to produce in some asian cultures) you
have three sons, it is the best thing that can happen to an Asian family, you know the ensure of
the lines goes on. (Self-blame) I feel I have the burden to produce children for my family. I felt
like I was a really awful child and I was disappointing her. (Uncertain about the gay identity) I
also joined the LGBTQ Center here in SF, because I really didn t know what that meant as an
identity. (Stress from coming out) Your family might hate you but I rather have my family hate
me for who I am than love me for what I m not You have to be financially prepared If you
are more independent, it might be easier for you to come out.
Acceptance: I feel like for any LGBTQ who come out, it s selfish for one to just automatically
assume they should accept us, because we should understand where they come from too. It s not
their fault, it s their upbringing. My dad only had a middle school education, my mom only
had a elementary school education. I come to accept that this is their upbringing, and they didn t
really have exposure to homosexuality.
Higher standard for finding boyfriends to please parents: Do you feel like when you do find a
boyfriend, you have to find someone who is super amazing. Now I am trying to please her
because of myself not because she wants to. (Fear of stepping into relationship) my mom
would tell me if you do get into a gay relationship, bad things will happen. So I really believed
her. It really fucked up with my head. So when I approach relationships, I was like do i really
wanna get into one You know, that was before gay marriage. Like where do you take the
relationship How would I introduce them
Racism and stereotypes: (Racism within the gay community) Racism is more intense in the gay
community. If you on any gay apps, there always gonna be that profile that says no asians ,
it s very consistent. A lot of gay will feel like asian guys will date old white men, they will
just assume that. That was really frustrating. Those are really close minded behavior. I bet
there are so many gay asians felt this, being asian and gay, we are fetish to the gay white men. I
have countless old white men messaged me and said do you wanna be my slave And they
expect you to say yes. There are lots of times asians want to be top with white men, but the
white men will always assume that they will be the top. I mean of course everyone assumes
that asian men have small penises, and it s not true.
Divide based on preference: I ve always seen a divide between asians who are into asians and
asians who are into white. There s never a mix. For some reasons it s like a two opposite world,
we don t hang out with each other. I like other asian men or colored men, and so does my gay
group. It s just interesting to see whenever we go to the Castro, we see the exact same group but
they are into all whites. Asians who like asians assume that asians who like whites are self
loading, and asians who like whites assume asians who like asians are not open.
Resources (that designed specifically for LGBTQ Asian American): There are definitely
organizations and resources that focus on asian americans and minority, but i think the whole
liberal agenda mainly focus on white gay men. The LGBTQ center, yes they do have resources
that help the gay community as a whole, but I think it really leverage more of the white person
than minority group. And even in the media, the show looking , that did not represent all of the
gay community at all.
Improvement: (Improve education) I mean in our education system, we don’t value our
independence, how we are as a person, we value conformity more. There s nothing in our public
schools that really teach kids that it s ok that Scott next to you is gay. (Having proper practice
the really help the community) It s more than just sexuality these days, gay pride is just a bunch
of shirtless men. There s more to it.


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