December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017

in each question on a new page_

Using the question prompts below as your heading? please beg

h rs. However, we now see that some
I . As the saying goes, some people have more thanttllte Zefinitions of social Stratification and
ople have way more than others! (a) . . – 9 c The fa
pe f atton of inequality. ( ) ct that
verty? (b) What are the arguments for the Justt 1c
po ‘ ? ‘ ? ? ‘ (1 St tes than in other countries suggest that
inequality IS higher and has risen in the Uomte a e the reasons for the
something different is going on in the United States. What art7
widening gap, and the rise in inequality, in the United States.

2. Sociologists make clear distinctions between race and ethnicity and use tbs-$631231.
describe different kinds of categories and identities. These consequengejJ What does
persons who are assigned to these concepts. (a) What does race mean. 5; )d Wh t d
ethnicity mean? (c) What are the differences between the tW? COHFePtS ? ( )U ‘tad 81):: 9

racism mean and why does racism occur? (e) Does racism still ex1st 1n the n1 e es.
3. As it stands, ?researchers, educators and parents alike are challenging the binary concepts
of sex and gender. . . ? (a) What does sex mean and what does gender. mean? .(b) What IS
meant by the social construction of gender and how is gender SOClallzathl?l linked to the
construction of gender? (c) Finally, how do sociologists help us to understand the gender
inequalities that exist in sex and relationships?

A ?one size fits all? model cannot describe the many shapes that today?s families take nor
the quality of the interactions among their members. (a) How do sociologists define the
term family, and explain the evolution of the ideas surrounding the definition of the term
family. (b) How do race, ethnicity and gender intersect with class to create inequality

among families?

A ke reli ious attem amon toda ?s outh is described as ?A od exists who created

3′ g P g g

and ordered the world and watches over human life? (Smith et a1. 2009). (a) How do

ociologists define religion? (b) Why do sociologists regard religion as fluid and

an’able? (c) Why is it difficult to distinguish religious conflict from racial/ethnic or cla:



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