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May 29, 2020
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Argumentative essay examples should result from careful research

Argumentative essay examples should convey the learning and thinking process, which the writer has used to persuade the readers agreeing to the stated viewpoint. Hence, writer needs to examine the claims of argument to verify its logic while testing the reasoning that could support the thesis statement.

Therefore, students checking an example of this type should look at the issues involved in forwarding the arguments, like the evaluation of the claims, the hidden and apparent arguments, and any contradictions to the stated hypothesis. In addition, the example must display high degree of tolerance in dealing with the counter viewpoint, while analyzing the factors and issues related to them.

Nevertheless, students need checking the persuasive skills employed by the writer to convince the readers. Therefore, the reasons of selection of the essay topic and the arguments forwarded in support of the problem statement and its possible solutions must be evident in the essay contents. This is important, as the author should have articulated the reasons for choosing the forwarded arguments and those reasons would become the tools of persuasion for the author. In addition, students can benefit by going through an excellent essay-writing to learn about the skills required for presenting a well-defined paper.

Accordingly, the students while going through any argumentative essay examples should check the following points. However, it is essential that they look at the particular example within the perspective of the potential readers and general audience. In the meanwhile, students could go through a few essay samples to understand the requirements of writing a good English essay.

  • Writing style

The presentation of arguments in such type of essays should be in the form of a dialog between the reader and the writer. Hence, author of the argumentative essay examples should present these arguments in such a manner that the readers are able to understand and feel their essence. However, writer needs to inform the readers about the background of the chosen subject, followed by the presentation of claim with regard to the stated hypothesis. Thereafter the author must provide the necessary evidence in the form of data and information from external sources, in support of the presented claim and viewpoint. Students must look at a good research paper help to understand the importance of research in preparing the required evidential support.

  • Development patterns for arguments

Another important thing that students must check in the given example is about the pattern that the writer has used for developing his or her arguments. However, students should be aware about the methods of development, commonly used for forwarding the stated position in an argumentative essay. While in a clustering pattern, the writer would put all the evidences in favor of the arguments in a sequence, the other method, called alternating pattern, would tackle the evidences in support and against the arguments, one-by-one, while concluding the essay, with the final statement in favor of hypothesis of the essay. Students could look at a term paper help to understand about the methods for presentation of arguments.

However, they can also look at custom essays to know more about the qualities of good argumentative essay examples.

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