Remote Sensing Analyses
December 15, 2017
Did Captain Jainway make the right decision?  What do you think were the consequences she had to consider when deciding whether to allow the cloning to happen?  Why do you think she made the decision that she made?  What would you have done in her situation? 
December 15, 2017


  • • Argue a position about an issue that’s covered in Generation Me.
  • • Besides the book, you will need to do outside research, including at least 5 scholarly sources (1 book counts as 2 sources).
  • • If you use Generation Me in your paper, it counts the same as any other book.
  • • Any other sources used (including online ones) are up to you, but the 5 scholarly sources are required. Only use online sources that can be accessed through the school library web site.
  • • All sources must be cited in MLA style.

Writing Skills Used

  • • An argument is based on a writer’s opinion about a topic and the strategies they use to convince an audience to agree with that opinion.
  • • When trying to argue, you’re also trying to persuade, which includes:
    • o establishing your credibility as a writer through the sources used (ethos)
    • o establishing a logical argument (logos) by avoiding logical fallacies
    • o effectively connecting to an audience’s emotions (pathos)

Research Skills Used

  • • Doing research for this paper will require critical reading of sources. Understand the main point of each source, mainly so you don’t misinterpret any source’s arguments.
  • • In general, the strength of your evidence will be based on the strength of your sources. Don’t take shortcuts when doing research; but every source you need for this paper can be found through the library.
  • • You don’t need to let the sources dominate your paper, nor do you need to understand each source from beginning to end. Many scholarly sources don’t require a researcher to read the entire article.

Structure and Purpose:

  • • Introduction/body/conclusion structure
  • • A more specific topic would lead to more depth in your paper.
  • • Writing Arguments has several structures that we’ll study further in class; one of them should be used for this paper.
  • • The structure you use should be clearly marked through the introduction and transitions in your paper.

Persona and Tone:

  1. • Persuade and inform your audience while getting them to think.
  2. • Using “I,” “we,” and “you” are acceptable in this paper within reason.
  3. • Being persuasive is the main goal, but that should still be done ethically.



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