Discuss among peers the effect of mercury in the human body
January 17, 2020
Advocacy in the nursing profession
January 17, 2020

Students should identify a minimum of 5 sources which will be used for the creation of their
final project on a contemporary American dramatist at the end of the semester.  Please refer to #9
in the syllabus under Assignments and Responsibilities for more information.  Each source is
worth a maximum of 10 points.  Grading breakdown is as follows:
Students receive the following points for demonstrated proficiency:
Quality and Viability of Source:
2.5 points
1.5 points
Not Acceptable*:
0 points
*Note:  NO websites can be used for this assignment.  All sources must be found in a
college library or by using the electronic databases managed by TCC.
Quality and Detail of the Annotation:
7.5 points
(detailed explanation of how the source will be used; 150 words +)
6 points
(detailed explanation of how source will be used; 100 150 words)
  4.5 points
(vague explanation of source without identifying how it will be used; 100 words +)
  2.5 points
(vague explanation of source without identifying how it will be used; under 100 words)
Sources without any annotation will receive a maximum of 2.5 points.



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