project management: ethical dilemma (300 words)
February 24, 2021
choose an area of the middle east and explain why there is continuous conflict
February 24, 2021

In an essay of approximately 500 words, analyze a single artwork made between c.1963 to present. Your essay should incorporate both a detailed description and an interpretation of the work of art you select. You do not need to do in-depth research, but finding out some basic information about the artist and the artwork will likely help your ability to compose the essay (use reliable sources: e.g. museums, galleries, electronic sources found through Healey Library). If it is safe to do so, you are encouraged to visit a museum, gallery, or public place and write about a work you have seen in person (COVID-19 may well prevent this). Near Boston area

For more information about writing for art history, see Pop, How to Do Things with Pictures –especially pp. 3-8 in relation to research/ note-taking and pp. 17-21 on writing.


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