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July 15, 2019
Why do you believe organizational development is so difficult?
July 15, 2019

  1. According to d’Holbach, all the mental and moral attributes that people think are evidence for an immaterial soul are in fact _____.
[removed]purely intellectual
[removed]purely physical and natural

2.    According to d’Holbach, people always act according to _____.

[removed]necessary natural laws
[removed]undertermined will
[removed]dictates of the soul
[removed]free choices

3.    According to James, indeterminism allows that the world has _____. 

[removed]ambiguous possibilities
[removed]no shadow of turning
[removed]a fixed future
[removed]no ambiguous possibilities

4.    The doctrine that every event is determined or necessitated by preceding events and the laws of nature is known as _____.

[removed]hard determinism

5.    The challenge of reconciling determinism with our intuitions or ideas about personal freedom is known as _____.

[removed]the problem of indeterminism
[removed]the problem of free will
[removed]the determinism problem
[removed]the libertarian dilemma

6.    The movies Gattaca and A Clockwork Orange dramatize the fear of _____.

[removed]an open future
[removed]a pleasurable future
[removed]a predetermined existence

7.    If our actions are not free in any important sense, it is difficult to see how we could be _____.

[removed]the subject of accurate predictions
[removed]held morally responsible for what we do
[removed]determined by outside forces

8.    Many who reject the notion of free will think that punishing people for crimes makes no sense. They think that instead of punishing criminals, we should _____.

[removed]ostracize them
[removed]leave them to their own devices
[removed]terminate them
[removed]try to modify their behavior

9.    The view that no one has free will is called _____.

[removed]hard determinism
[removed]soft libertarianism

10.  The view that what will be will be, and no human actions can change it, is known as _____.

[removed]soft determinsim

11.  The branch of science that provides a counterexample to the notion that every event has a cause is known as _____.

[removed]chaos theory
[removed]quantum physics
[removed]relativity theory
[removed]quantum computing

12.  The author of The Will to Believe and The Varieties of Religious Experience is _____.

[removed]William James
[removed]W. T. Stace
[removed]Richard Taylor
[removed]Jean-Paul Sartre

13.  True or False? D’Holbach says that man’s life is a course that nature compels him to take without deviation.


14.  True or False? D’Holbach’s view is that science does not preclude the notion of free will.


15.  True or False? D’Holbach asserts that when we deliberate about a choice, our decision is free and undetermined.


16.  True or False? James says that determinism professes that those parts of the universe already laid down absolutely decree what the other parts shall be.


17.  True or False? William James is a fatalist.


18.  Briefly explain, in your own words, the objections to James’s indeterminism that are discussed in your text.

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