Reply responses to 2 classmates, a minimum of 200 words in length each, begin with the name of the student to whom you are responding and are otherwise fully compliant with assignment instructions.
June 9, 2021
 Choose just one of the themes from the list below. Note developments of that theme in the Old Testament to the New Testament (N.T.), and show how N.T. writers reinterpreted it. Discuss similarities,
June 9, 2021

Part 1: After reading the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ( (Links to an external site.), write an analysis of the assigned chapters. If you have more than one chapter assigned, please do the chapters separately, but they can be in the same document (first chapter A, then chapter B).Your analysis should include:Chapter summarySignificant characters and descriptionAnalysis of chapter(300 words)
Part 2: Please watch the following documentary on AAiW, and write up a 200-word response.
Part 3: Watch a film version of the Alice in Wonderland. (I recommend either the 1951 Disney cartoon, but you could also do the 2010 Burton version if you prefer). You can find this streaming on Amazon Prime ($3), Disney+ (free), and it looks like maybe Hulu.
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