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December 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017

Aksum in Ethiopia Definition and summary->about a page Theories and evidence about collapse-> 3-4 pages Contemporary problem (talk about a current problem that might lead to a collapse -> 0.5-1 page A current problem is Venezuelan govemment. About 10-15 years ago they adopted socialism which caused the poor to become dependent on the govemment and the govemment became dependent on profits from oil reserves. Venezuela stopped producing goods and services from oil production. Oil prices dropped recently causing them to run out of money. They didn’t have enough money to feed the people when the people so government starting printing money, causing hyperinflation. Problem they have now is that they are unable to import goods because their dollar is worthless. (this is just some stuff I have heard but would need research on to state this) The main question you will be exploring is “What are the current explanations for how this complex society collapsed?” Please examine: 1. What is collapse exactly? How do archaeologists such as J.A. Tainter define it? 2. The evidence archaeologists use to identify a collapse during a specific period. (abandoned sites, evidence of destruction, etc.) 3. Did this civilization rebound from this downturn or was this the end of this culture? 4. Previous explanations for the collapse of this civilization. 5. Current evidence and explanations for their collapse if different from (4). Are there competing theories? Was there one main cause or a series of causes? 6. Briefly research one major problem (environmental, ecological, political, or economic etc.) that exists in the world today and how it could potentially cause a collapse or severe downturn of a contemporary society. The majority of your paper and presentation should focus on the theories and evidence for the collapse of your civilization. The final paper will be 5 double spaced pages, APA format, Times 12 point font ( You must use credible scholarly sources or reputable news articles that cite a scholarly source. You may not cite Wikipedia, the lecture notes or the textbook. However you may use them as a starting place to gather scholarly journal articles. All direct quotations from a source must have quotation marks and a citation. Providing internal citations for facts within the paper is a must. Try and use the most current literature out there. Do not cite within the paper or use directly: Wikipedia Blogs Travel websites Any textbook Self published books You can use the bibliographies of these resources to obtain scholarly articles. The best kinds

of sources Books published by an academic press (University of Michigan, Cambridge University, etc.) Good sources News websites such as BBC or the New York Times Non-peer reviewed journals or professional magazines (Biblical Archaeologist, Archaeology Magazine) Acceptable sources Online encyclopedias tha are reviewed by experts only. You must gather at least 5 good sources for your pap google scholar Here are a few sources for the Aksum empire if you want to use them Alberge, By Dalya, an Ethiopian Journal? An Ethiopian Journal, N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Oct. 2016. Butzer, Karl W. “Rise and Fall of Axum, Ethiopia: A Geo-Archaeological Interpretation.’ American Antiquity 46.3 (1981): 471-95. Web. Romer, Christina D. IT Great Crash and the Onset of the Great Depression.” NBER. Quarterly Journal of Economics Vol. 105, Aug. 1990.


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