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January 16, 2020
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January 16, 2020

As their names imply, the honeyguide
bird and the honey badger both share an affinity for honey. Honeyguide
birds specialize in finding beehives but struggle to access the honey
within. Honey badgers are well-equipped to raid beehives but cannot
always find them. However, these two honey-loving species have learned
to collaborate on an effective means to meet their objectives. The
honeyguide bird guides honey badgers to newly discovered hives. Once the
honey badger has ransacked the hive, the honey guide bird safely enters
to enjoy the leftover honey.

Much like honeyguide birds and honey badgers, nurses and health
professionals from other specialty areas can—and should—collaborate to
design effective programs. Nurses bring specialties to the table that
make them natural partners to professionals with different specialties.
When nurses take the requisite leadership in becoming involved
throughout the healthcare system, these partnerships can better design
and deliver highly effective programs that meet objectives.

In this Assignment, you will practice this type of leadership by
advocating for a healthcare program. Equally as important, you will
advocate for a collaborative role of the nurse in the design and
implementation of this program. To do this, assume you are preparing to
be interviewed by a professional organization/publication regarding your
thoughts on the role of the nurse in the design and implementation of
new healthcare programs.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Resources and reflect on your thinking regarding the
    role of the nurse in the design and implementation of new healthcare
  • Select a healthcare program within your practice and consider the design and implementation of this program.
  • Reflect on advocacy efforts and the role of the nurse in relation to healthcare program design and implementation. 

The Assignment: (3 pages)

In a 3-page paper, create an interview transcript of your responses to the following interview questions:

  • Tell us about a healthcare program, within your practice. What are the costs and projected outcomes of this program?
  • Who is your target population?
  • What is the role of the nurse in providing input for the design of this healthcare program? Can you provide examples?
  • What is your role as an advocate for your target population
    for this healthcare program? Do you have input into design decisions?
    How else do you impact design?
  • What is the role of the nurse in healthcare program
    implementation? How does this role vary between design and
    implementation of healthcare programs? Can you provide examples?
  • Who are the members of a healthcare team that you believe are most needed to implement a program? Can you explain why?


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