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May 23, 2021
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May 23, 2021

Make a sound map of “Tiger Balm.”
Write down and describe each and every sound in “Tiger Balm.” If you are having trouble identifying them, look
at the liner notes on the Bandcamp page. Do not just list the sounds — try to describe them in detail in terms of
their sonic details, expressivities, morphologies, etc. Provide a timestamp for each sound, followed by a 2-3
sentence description. Then, outline connections and correspondences between the various sounds, in terms of
their sonic features and/or their representational or symbolic identities. You can steal some of the connections I
set forth in the lecture, but try to extend my analysis or provide different perspectives. But I would encourage
you to draw some of your connections. As I illustrated in the lectures, draw lines between the different
corresponding sounds and write a couple sentences about the connections you are perceiving. Indicate a
minimum of four connections.
3) Write a description of Éliane Radigue’s L’Île Re-Sonante
from a bird’s eye view perspective, giving the reader a sense of the overall piece, but without resorting to the
minute-by-minute, time-stamp approach we’ve taken in previous exercises. Think of this essay as a guide for a
curious listener who may want to purchase this record but cannot listen to any excerpts or previews, like a wall
text in a museum describing a work of art that you are looking at, or the inside jacket text on a work of literature
which guides the prospective reader in discovering what sort of book they have in their hands. Write about the
sonorous surface of L’Île Re-Sonante, the kind of demands it makes on a listener, and what the composer
seems to be doing. Min of 250 words

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