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August 10, 2020
August 10, 2020

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write a public health research paper about syphilis.


Public Health Problem :

Description and analysis of the public health problem.

•#1: why is the problem in the society?

•#2: how this happened, why this happened etc.

•#3: What are the risks for the community in the future

•#4: What are/were the etiological risk factors?

(What are the prerequisites for the disease?)

For example, etiological risk factors for type II diabetes are: obesity, poor diet, lack of exercise, & stress.

How to Solve the Public Health Problem :

Discussion of how the public health problem can be or was solved.
•#1: description of strategies, PH intervention programs, PH policy etc. •#2:
Add examples from other cultures, countries/ or from history of how the
problem or one similar was solved to strengthen your discussion

Public Health in the Future :

Discuss how to prevent the public health problem.

•#1: conclusion with justification from research literature what should be done to PREVENT the PH problem.

comparison with other nations, or other situations, or with the history
etc. or you may add your own experience with the problem and how to
prevent it

#3: your OPINION on the prevention of this specific PH problem in the future


•Separate Cover Page with paper title, your name, ID, class, year, your instructor’s name

•Length min. 2& 2/3 pages text, 1/3 page references, & 1 page cover for a total of 4 pages (single spaced)

•Organize the paper with three subject headings:

Public health problem, How to solve the PH problem, & Public Health in the future Correct spelling and grammar, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, with 1 to 1.25 inch margins on each side, top and bottom

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