September 3, 2021
PHI 103 week two discussion one
September 3, 2021


My part is Beneficence

  1. Select one of the four primary principles (Autonomy, Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, Justice) from the Principles-Based Model from the readings to apply to the case. (Important: Coordinate with your group to ensure that each member selects a different principle).
  2. Apply the specific principle you have selected to the case and in one to two paragraphs explain how applying your selected principle would help resolve this dilemma. In making your argument, be sure to:
    • Identify the various facets of the dilemma.
    • Identify all stakeholders.
    • Address each component of the principle.
    • Propose a step-by-step plan for resolution of the dilemma (with rationales and alternatives, where appropriate).
    • Identify potential outcomes of the proposed resolution.


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