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April 26, 2021
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April 26, 2021

3 1 health project

Sport or Exercise Power Point
Directions: Research a sport, exercise, or activity that interests you or that you would like to learn more about. Create a Power Point presentation about this activity. Be sure to include the following information in your presentation.

Name of the sport or activity
Pictures of the activity
Origins (when, where, how it got started; were there earlier versions of the activity that differ from today?)
Explanation of the sport or activity
Basic rules or regulations
Safety precautions when participating
Three reasons why someone should try this activity

Note: If you don’t have access to Power Point, you can download a trial version at the following site:
Save your assignment as noted below and submit it through the course. Click here for more information on submitting assignments.

Save As: firstinitial_lastname_assignment_3_1

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