July 29, 2022

Week 3 Discussion BUS 687

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Five Steps to a Strategic Plan, The Single Strategy You Need to Fuel Business Growth Right Now, […]
July 28, 2022


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July 27, 2022

Environmental Trend Analysis

Prior to entering this discussion, review section 4 of the Environmental-Trend Analysis in the Abrahamâ€s textbook. As you have learned in this weekâ€s readings, many businesses […]
July 27, 2022

BUS 687 Week 3 Assignment

https://login.uagc.edu/?_ga=2.150892085.2006968768.1658882974-1997635921.1658606367   Username: RARODR5718 Password: Marley2!   Click “Enter Classroom” under MBA Capstone   Modules > Week 3 Assignment   Decisions for Quarter Two and Second […]
July 26, 2022

2 W7

Evaluate the Healthy People 2030 goals and summarize two guidelines for health screenings or modifiable risk factors that can be recommended by the advanced practice nurse. […]