discuss the impact of political, economic, social and regulatory factors on these leadership and management styles and behaviours.
June 28, 2020
Review And Selection Of A Standardized Test Lin Assignment
June 28, 2020

PHE4055* Include references – no plagiarism no copy and paste*stay on topic*answer all questions*


Conducting a Needs Assessment

In previous weeks, you identified the types of needs and the basic steps to conducting a needs assessment.

Create a 4-page needs assessment in a Microsoft Word document that:

· Identifies and describes in detail a public health problem that is significant in your community (Atlanta).

· Provides an introduction to the problem. The introduction should describe the impact of the problem on your community and rationale for its selection.

· Identifies, describes, and justifies your selection of the level of the public health pyramid at which the assessment will be conducted

· Develops a needs assessment plan for addressing the selected problem in your community

Part 2*HSC4021* Include references – no plagiarism no copy and paste*stay on topic*answer all questions*


Healthy Lifestyle of People in the age group of 15 to 64

In a Microsoft Word document, create a 3page report of age group 15-64 analysis, answering the following questions:

· Are you surprised to see the trends of the most common behaviors? Discuss.

· Did an individual’s age relate to his or her health behavior? For example, do individuals in the age group of fifty to sixty years have different behaviors than individuals in the age group of thirty to forty years?

· What are some of the changes that the people you could implement in their lifestyles and behaviors to improve their health status?


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